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A professional web design creates a visual logic and seeks the optimal balance between visual sensations and information. Without the visual impact of shapes, colours, and contrasts, web design becomes less attractive to the visitors, even dull.

Too much text without contrast or 3D effect is more difficult the read mainly or low resolutions monitors. On the other hand, a web design rich in graphic items but lacking the depth and complexity of the text runs the risk to disappoint the visitor as it offers a poor visual balance. Searching for the ideal balance, the main constraints of web design are restrictions imposed by HTML standards and the limited access speed of the site, which may vary from one user to another, according to the internet connexion type provided.


We seek clarity, order, and trustworthy source of information, irrespective of support, i.e. web page or paper. A professional web design can strongly influence trust. The layout of graphic items and of texts on a web page has a strong impact on the visitor, as it focuses the visitor’s attention on high priority items and it provides for an efficient and pleasant interactivity.