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Class Travel – a software-web application – represents an integrated solution between a web-page and the administration interface of a travel agent. The tool impacts firstly on the travel agency as it provides an application which is both affordable and easily accessible, designed to cut costs and, consequently, increase the efficiency of your operations. Secondly, it impacts on the travel agency’s clients as it can find offers in due time.

Among other things, the application also provides:

  • A real time, easy administration, of contracts, offers, sales, and commissions
  • Administration of contracted bookings
  • Financial report generation

If you do not benefit from a similar solution yet, you are invited to consider as quickly as you can the opportunity of implementing the application as it guarantees the spectacular growth of your employees’ efficiency.


You are invited you to consider the list below to discover some of the main benefits offered by Class Travel:

  • Real time management of contracts, offers, sales, and commissions
  • It provides doubtless advantages as compared to alternative systems (e.g.: systems relying on the Microsoft Office kit or obscure databases), while requiring a significantly reduced effort to access and find data as well as less time to carry out operations managing reserves, contracts, sales, and commissions
  • It leads to the increase of transacting speed by means of an easy and efficient offer management
  • It contributes to significantly cutting costs, hence increasing the beneficiary agency’s profitability
  • Its intuitive interface and logical, easy to understand structure allow for reducing human error
  • It allows for permanent check of the access to the information database via the rights (permits) you grant
  • As it is a Web application, it can be easily accessed by users from any Internet-connected computer
  • It is easily implemented as it does not require new installation on your PC
  • Owing to its modular structure, it can be installed in stages, depending on your and budget
  • It is easily adaptable to the on-going changes of the market requirements
  • The Site structures will also contain information on your travel agency, contact details, etc. Hence, online bookings can be made via the booking order form directly to your travel agency e-mail address.


The modular structure of the product allows us to answer quickly to the continuously widening variety of travelling activities by adding new functions or modules.

Class Travel currently consists in the following modules:

  • Viewing photo galleries under each travelling offer
  • Simply online booking per product
  • Complex online booking per period and type of accommodation (room)
  • Requests for airplane tickets information
  • Geographical classification and filter of offers
  • Offer search engine, according to many criteria:
    • Geographical location (country, area, city/town)
    • Starting day of the stay
    • Price range (minimum and/or maximum)
    • Price type (per night, per package)
    • Private property accommodation (hotel rating, performances, etc.)
  • Search results are displayed in list or calendar format.

These modules can suit your needs, by being activated or deactivated in the version which entails a dynamic operation and price.


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