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What does search engine optimisation (SEO) mean?

You choose key words and phrases and we will list you at the top of the main search engine – GOOGLE. Optimisation is an ongoing and costly operation. But it is so much at stake; out of competitive thousand or even millions of sites, the only ones that benefit from traffic on Google are the ones listed on the first few pages.

Research in the field show that some 70-80% of a site traffic is carried out via search engines whereas the rest, i.e. some 20-30%, via advertising. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the best players of the Internet search game. In the USA, searches with Google amount to 47.5%, with Yahoo 28.1%, and with MSN 10.6% (2008: comScore).
In Romania, over 95% of searches are performed with Google.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a kind of online marketing. SEO is the procedure to create a web page web and its content to be as relevant as possible both to search engines and to visitors interested in your site profile. SEO is a relatively new marketing tool, which, when correctly applied, helps you turn your site visitors into your customers.

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc.) – as they are in an ongoing competition – use their own methods to index a site. Some search engines focus on the text on the site; others read meta-tags where they find information about the site, but most search engines use a combination of means, i.e. page content, meta-tags, link popularity, etc., to determine the relevance and the rank of a certain site in their listings.

During the optimising process, we will consider the following:

  • • competitors` sites analysis
  • • traffic analysis by means of Google Analytics
  • • analysis by means of Google Webmaster Tools
  • site and target analysis (what is the site’s target audience?):
    • discussions with the customer to reach a better understanding of what is the site’s target audience
    • analysis of the site standing at the time of its being taken in charge by Class Media
  • analysis of improvement possibilities: :
    • site architecture; detecting weak points / faulty links
    • navigation on site; HTML code validation
  • study of keywords for SEO:
    • finding the words for which the site optimisation is to be carried out
  • site redesign (if need be)
  • re-arranging text and images on page
  • erasing errors in HTML code
  • web promotion via optimisation for search engines
  • web promotion via manual registration with Romanian and international web directories and search engines
  • analysis of keywords (recommendations) – setting up (registration with web directories, link exchange with other sites in the domain), links (highly recommended – web promotion by finding sites with a view to partnerships)
  • reports on site placements on search engines
  • technical assistance, via telephone, yahoo messenger or email
  • recommendations for promotion via advertising
  • site administration
  • promotion via Google AdWords

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