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Class Estate Agent is an efficient and powerful tool in managing the estate offer as well as in creating an online visual identity of an agency on the estate market.(You can run the application offline as well, if you want)

Everything has become so much simpler for you now. You can have the best performing tool at your agency registered office and at the same you can be online operating estate transaction on a 24/7 basis all the year round.

The application allows for the access and use of the same centralized database for the offer administration and the ongoing online presence of the company. There is no need to worry of the company site anymore. It will be generated immediately after starting to load the offers addressed to your clients.

Offers are administered in a centralized manner, allowing thus for your getting instant reports which highlight the company results. There are also working tools available for authorised administrators or agents to upload offers to the database via the administration interface. It takes only takes a few clicks to view a report requested by your clients. You do not need to wait any more to find the offer that best suits your purposes. You will now be able to generate instantly a report created by means of powerful filters such as transactions, buildings, locality, area, price, or photo options. Everything is that simple.

The application contains two platforms: a public and an administrative one.


The Public Platform is the interface with the user and has four main categories of estate offers:

  • special offers
  • sales
  • rent
  • purchases

These categories can be edited from the administrative interface and be countless according to the needs and requirements of the estate agency which owns the site.

Each of the main categories may have countless offer types (flats, houses, company offices, commercial spaces, land, etc.).

Class Estate complex search engine allows for the identification of the offer by category, locality and area, price, type of building, media content (photos).

Available Modules

  • Estate Offers
  • Advanced Search
  • Exchange Rates
  • Financing Rates
  • Estate Legislation
  • Estate Consulting
  • Newsletter
  • Advertising
  • Partnerships
  • Contact


The administration platform is designed exclusively to be used by agency staff and collaborators. Access to this platform is secured.

The administration platform is intuitive and easy to use. It contains:

  • offers and content administration module
  • traffic analysis
  • exchange rates display module
  • rate credit calculator module fully administered according to interest rates provided by banks
  • a contact module
  • suggestions for the agency
  • newsletter module (periodical news bulletins addressed to the clients)
  • online consulting module provided by the estate agency professionals (legislation, information on what you should know when buying an estate, how to move keeping the effort and costs at a minimum, etc.).
  • a text online editor will be available for text formatting operations, uploading images, table editing, and various other necessary functions.
  • A separate administration account for clients – to upload, withdraw, and maintain (administer) offers


  • Centralized, all the year round, round-the-clock estate transactions to ease the offer administration.
  • Information you need to administer offers. Such administration is centralized by using the database (and allows the users to obtain instant reports)
  • administrators can make their own choices as to the portal design, forms and colours.
  • Financial reports on company transactions closed or of those pending (report generating filters).
  • Complex reports for your clients by using powerful filters such as transaction type, estate type, locality, area, price, other facilities upon request, etc.
  • Rapoartele finaciare asupra tranzactiilor incheiate sau a celor aflate inca in asteptare din companie (filtre de generare a rapoartelor)

Class Media team provide various design models, the implementation of supplementary functions for the database, and support / advice throughout the duration of the contract. Maintenance of the application is guaranteed.

The administration platform has two modules:

  1. the Supervisor Module
  2. the Employee Module

THE SUPERVISOR MODULE provides the following functions:

  • Add / Modify Offers according to Details, Price, Area, Photos criteria, etc.
  • Account Management
  • Exchange rates – History – evolution of main currency exchange rates
  • Employee and Clients meeting module (viewing estates)
  • Clients and Contact persons module

THE EMPLOYEE MODULE – designed for estate agents:

  • Add / Modify / Delete - allows an estate agent to add, modify, or delete their own public offers
  • Meeting Clients module (viewing estates). The computer informs the agents as to when, where and who to meet
  • Account Modification