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Multimedia presentations on cd & dvd

As the number of PC users is growing as we speak, the interactive presentation of your company, products or services is a serious alternative to classical catalogues and leaflets. The advantage the digital support (visual, audio, and interactive) CDs and DVDs offers is markedly superior to the printed paper. The image you project to your customers will undergo an outstanding improvement. Animations, photos, audio, video... and the list goes on and on! From design to implementation, we guarantee that your products, services, and ideas will be known to your customers.

What is a CD presentation and how is it different from a DVD?

This is obviously a good question... multimedia presentation CDs can only accessed on a computer (PC, notebook, etc). A special function call ‘autorun’ allows the presentation to start immediately after ca you insert the CD in the CD/DVD-ROM drive. As a rule, we make CDs by using FLASH animation. A presentation CD capacity is up to 700 Mb, and this is a hindrance when we want to introduce high quality video files (films) in the presentation. Hence, the presentation DVD as it capacity is up to 8 Gb, it can be run on a DVD player and viewed on a TV screen. In this case, flash animations are no longer a priority, and both the content-related and the interactive features of such a DVD diminish. In exceptional cases, we can combine thee two technologies.

All in all, the difference is not made by the physical support itself (a presentation CD can be written on a DVD). What makes the difference is in how the information on the support, i.e. the computer to view CDs and the DVD player and TV screen to view DVDs.