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The application contains all working tools needed to publicise and manage a virtual online store and is designed to all companies willing to implement an application which would allow them to sell goods, services, or products by categories and subcategories with specific features for each product or service implemented.

The application relies on a database designed to allow for bookkeeping, statistics, and working tools necessary to the management of such a virtual store.


By simply comparing an online store with a traditional one will highlight the benefits the former brings. The advantages of such a store are obvious. To begin with, you cut the opening costs. For a traditional store, you pay a monthly rent; the personnel-related costs exceed the costs you need to manage an online store. Then, liaising with the customers is obviously beneficial owing to real-time and accurate reporting which allows you to launch customised offers, to be aware of the customers’ wishes as well as complaints, to develop and maintain efficient communication.

The application offers you a full control of your site content. Moreover, we offer our support for any additional function necessary to your business.

If you wish to venture in e-commerce, Class Media recommends a personalised solution to your business.


  • You sell to whomever, wherever, and whenever you wish
  • Unlimited offer of goods and assortments
  • It enables you to use the application as a catalogue for presentations intended for business partners
  • It enables you to offer detailed information for each product or service
  • Detailed statistical data of the online store such as:
    • Number of customers
    • Products sold
    • Income from sales, etc., etc.
  • Stock-related customer alert
  • Fast and efficient navigation through stores
  • Availability to offer discounts

The application has : two platforms: the public one and the administration one.


  • Displays categories of the virtual store
  • Displays categories / subcategories of products on multiple levels
  • Displays description of each category / subcategory
  • Displays the number of products in a category / subcategory


  1. List of virtual store products
    • Selects the method of listing products under a category according to price, name, or date of input
    • Displays small / enlarged image of the product / additional images
    • Displays price
    • Displays product description and other information (e.g. warranty, availability, etc.)
    • Displays specifications of products as a list
    • Displays Manufacturer
    • "Add to basket"
    • "Recommend this product to another user" form
    • Displays similar products
    • Displays product availability (available, in stock, unavailable, limited stock, etc). When a product is not available, the visitor can leave his/her e-mail address to be notified when the product is available again.
  2. 2. Product search / Product advanced search
    • Displays searched products according to preset phrase
    • Advanced search according to multiple criteria (text phrase, category, subcategory, price)
  3. User’s Account
    • Creates account based on user, password and other contact details
    • Activates user account based on email address (upon request)
    • Subscription according to category of user (individual vs. company)
    • Invoicing data / shipping address / banking details
    • Authentication Module
    • Lost password recovery
    • Each user can modify profile
    • Customer can monitor the status of order placed
  4. Cos de cumparaturi - Online Shop
    • Displays basket
    • "Add to basket" / "Empty basket" buttons
    • Modify quantity to be purchased for each product already in the basket Update basket
  5. Purchasing stages – virtual store
    • Defines / selects shipping address
    • Selects shipping options of the product purchased
    • Selects payment options (e.g., credit card, cash on delivery, bank wire transfer)
    • "Confirm" / ‘Do not conform order’
    • It enables you to define certain promotions (promotional codes sent to subscribed users)
    • Card payments (the connection to your payment processor is an additional function to the package)
  6. Displaying preferred products
    • It enables you to select / deselect products to be displayed under ‘Preferred Products’
    • Displays a set number of preferred products
    • Displays primary characteristics of preferred products
    • Displays ‘Add to basket’
    • Displays Price
  7. Displaying products on home page
    • It enables you to select / deselect products to be displayed on front page
    • Displays a preset number of random products
    • Displays primary characteristics of random products
    • Displays ‘Add to basket’
    • Displays Price
  8. Manufacturers’ Menu
    • Displays manufacturers of products active on site
    • Displays all products of a manufacturer, depending on the selected manufacturer
  9. Displaying Advertising Banner
    • Displays an advertising banner with a link to the product or to other sites
  10. Online Visitors / Users
    • Displays the number of current on-site visitors
    • Displays the number of logged in users
  11. Polls / Customer’s reviews
    • Users can leave their answer to a preset poll
    • Users can see statistics of answers to a poll
  12. Displaying a countless number of buttons on the site
    • Displays buttons associated to static pages (e.g. ‘About us’, ‘Services’, ‘Contact,’ ‘Latest products,’ etc.)
    • Displays any static pages, previously defined and edited
  13. Customised Design – upon request
    • Design is made based on a form you have previously filled in
  14. Animated banner with definition / change of products displayed
  15. Newsletter Modul
    • Users can subscribe to newsletters (subscribed users can unsubscribe based on a link they receive in each newsletter)
  16. Notification emails for
    • Subscriptions
    • Lost password recovery
    • Order(s) placed


Visual store administration tools:
  • Products - Categories, subcategories
  • List of Products characteristics
  • Database stocks
  • Administration of measuring units for products
  • Data base: Customers
  • Database: Suppliers, Manufacturers
  • Records of sales made via the online store
  • Product presentation – catalogue
  • Advanced search engine for products
  • Purchased items basket integrated in the application
  • Integrated payment tools
  • Order status and proof of payment
  • Invoice dispatcher to customers via email
  • Three-levelled secured access of users
  • Sales reports
  • Secured administration interface
  • Product Administration
  • Search engine friendly content


Visual store administration tools:
  1. User and Password Authentication module
    • Login based on user and password
    • Defining multiple users
  2. Virtual store users
    • Viewing details of unsubscribed users
    • Modifies user status: active / idle
  3. Input/Change/Delete categories
    • Management of an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories levels
    • ‘Activate Category’ / ‘Deactivate Category’ button
    • Arranging category buttons
    • Adds additional fields to each category/subcategory.

    These additional fields will be displayed to all products under the respective category. They can be used for the technical specifications of the products.

  4. Administration of preferred products displayed on front page
    • Administration of preferred products
    • Administration of front page products
  5. Add/Change/Delete manufacturers
    • Adds / edits a countless number of manufacturers
  6. Viewing and processing orders in the virtual store
    • Displays order details
    • Modifies order status: pending, in progress, confirmed, shipped
  7. Shipping data
    • Add / Change / Delete shipping options
  8. Contact page administration
    • Contact data administration
  9. Administration of Poll / Customer’s review Module
    • Defines questions and possible answers to which visitors’ review is requested
  10. Animated Banner - can define/change products displayed
    • Sets products displayed on Banner
  11. Static pages Administration
    • Creates static pages; they can be edited at any time: text, images, other elements
  12. Order reports
    • Displays reports of orders on site
  13. Displaying stocks
    • Product stock management
    • Upon request, we provide e-commerce site link with your bookkeeping application