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Newsletters are simply a kind of periodically disseminated electronic advertising. Newsletters are emailed to a variety of recipients, including but limited to site owners, and they can be:

  • Promotional - Emails introducing products and / or services, sent free of charge
  • Relational - Emails which include the latest items, events or information. They are sent to site visitors or users within the process of comunity building.
  • Special - usually sent to subscribed users who paid for the information enclosed

The main advantage of a newsletter as compared to traditional mailing is the material cost. Some of the other advantages are the sending time, the large number of recipients, and last but not least, the advantage of using graphic applications to improve the impact of the sender’s image on the recipients.

Among the very few disadvantages of newsletter campaigns is that many email client and web mail software applications contain implicit filters that may treat such emails as spam (unwanted email).

Class Media offers newsletter graphic design and free advice thereof for your intended emailing campaigns:


  • design concept
  • two-step revising
  • editable source file
  • first concepts within three to five days
  • free advice